Had a bit of a trip in to Sydney on Thursday for a lunch at a  Raman noodle place at the food court in China town, not really my thing but popular with others. Had a Tsingtao beer with the lunch, the beer went with the food but at seven dollars a stubby I thought it was a bit pricey for what it is .From there we  along the water to firstly then Red Tape brewery and the newly opened Beer De Luxe not far further up King Street Wharf,. I will come back to those places next post.

We then walked across the Pyrmont Bridge to the Pyrmont Bridge hotel which has quite a few taps, maybe not the most crafty of craft beers but everybody should be able to find a beer to drink.  This is a great place to sit near one of the open windows and watch the people coming and going across the bridge. Being a bright sparkly Sydney day didn’t hurt either. A short walk to the Quarryman then across the road to The Dunkirk for a bit of pub grub

From there we went to a bar called Peg Leg which is  the main item in this post and I will get back to the others next post. We didn’t know we where going to this place as a matter of fact we didn’t know about this place but are glad we dropped in. True there wasn’t the biggest range of beers I had a draft beer and I never did find out what it was called, I was distracted by talking to Colin, one of the barmen and I think owner. As far as I can recall it was an ok beer, the other beer was a bottle of WOOLSHED CHERAX DESTRUCTOR 5.8%. Had a bit of a change of direction and the drinking partner had a cocktail which I think this bar would specialise in. This was a tequila based cocktail, a precursor apparently of the margarita and called the toreador. This was made by Manuel the other barman and owner.

THE RUM: It was also Manuel who introduced me to some of the rums on their shelf. I do sometimes like a rum. These where sipping rums I tried from several South American countries The Kirk and Sweeney a 12 y.o from the Dominican and the Diplomatica where particularly nice rums.  I also had a taste of a mescal  as a selection of mescals; tequilas and gins are available and apparently they have a couple of recommended sherries. So though the Peg Leg bar wasn’t on our list of places to visit it turned out to be one of the most interesting of them all.   Apart from the rum and Manuel’s tri-corn this bar wasn’t over the top pirate theme.  (Peg Leg on Facebook) @PyrmontBridge

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