I went to VESTA’s in Blackheath for their New Years Party last night. It was quite a nice little “do” with I estimate around seventy people, there was a jazz band and plenty of party food. All drinks had to be paid for. At first I did  think that at eighty dollars a head it was a bit expensive and at that price would have thought that there might have been at least one drink on the house.. Glasses of wine and beer by the stubby where $8.00 and cocktails between $12 and $16. There wasn’t much seating available so it was lucky I got there early enough to score a seat and managed to keep it the whole evening as I don’t think I am up to standing for five hours.

The only beer available where Peroni; Asahi and Vale ale, I stuck to Asahi for most of the evening as it is a pretty easy and undemanding drink though does get a touch dry after a few of them. I did have one Vale Ale but though I am sure it is a nice enough pale ale it is a bit overly hopped for me to want to drink all night so I went back to the Asahi. For some reason I was not able to work out the Wolf of the Willow beer I was originally told was available had been taken off  which was a real pity as I would have liked to try  the Smoked Porter and while I have never come across it before ,the Saison . Saison’s are one of my favourite styles of beer and I hope to try as many Australian example’s as I can.



Capture 20161 IMG_0140



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