FORTITUDE DRY IRISH STOUT IN A GOONIE 4% I am not a fan of the term growler, this sort of container has always been a goonie to me so goonie it will remain. This one was travelled down from the brewery by son and one of the heirs, a trip that took a few days and so may have been a little past its best. It is a vey black beer and had a pretty big head all the usual attributes of a dry Irish stout. Though may have lost some of its carbonation, it was stull an easy to drink beer which was just as well as the whole bottle had to be knocked on the head in one sitting by the two of us. Being a hot day today I was looking for a balcony beer or two so, from the Leura Cellars I bought a few cans of SAINT-MIHAL LAGGER DELUX 4%. This beer may not be the most challenging nor the beer with a biggest character but it is one of the easiest to drink lagers I have had in a long time. None of the over hopped IPA  wannabe’s that a lot of lagers seem to want to be. After that we had a SIX STRINGS HEFEWEIZEN 5.2% Another nice balcony beer, one I have had before and one that always goes down well

Breakfast at the THUNDERBIRD MEXICAN CAFE Katoomba, what I hear you ask has that got to do with a beer blog?  well! it is very nice place and when the local council get their act together and pass the application to sell alcohol it will be a great place to go for a fajita and a Mexican Beer and hopefully there will be a few to choose from,Modella Negra;Dos Equis; Tehcata and even Corona. This café must have one of the biggest selections of hot sasuces around. Perhaps not the place to go if you are in a hurry but then, why would you be in a hurry?

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IMG_0721                   P1010218


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