I went to the Station Bar Katoomba yesterday lunchtime and I had a Young Henrys Lager a Murrays Fred  then back to the Young Henry lager, both of which I have mentioned in this blog before. The lager is a pretty easy drinking beer though the Fred was more hoppy than I look for The Station Bar has eight taps plus a hand pump which, when I was there was being in the process of being changed over so wasn’t on,The rest of the taps where taken up with a cider and a ginger beer, and a Carlton Dry leaving five taps made up of the lager from Young Henrys and two Pale Ales and to American Pale ales , Cooper; Murrays Angry Man; Riverside 55; and Murrays Fred; maybe beers that everybody wants but I would have liked to see a farmhouse, porter, stout, saison on to break the monotony.  Sods law suggests if or when they do I will not get around  to going.

Just because they where in the house I had a XXXX Gold 3.5% and a Corona 4.5% of which there is nothing I particularly want to say this time around.

LA SIRENE FARMHOUSE RED 6.5%. A nice looking beer in the glass, plenty of malty and fruity notes both in the taste and in the aroma, somewhat fizzy  not sticky or thick but a little treacly, mine looked a bit muddy but that might have been the light in the room which is not all that great, which also made the label hard to read, I was left with a slightly furry mouthfeel which to me was sort of reminiscent of liquorice. The Farmhouse came from Leura Cellars

“La Sirène Farmhouse Red is a rustic style Red Ale brewed using age old Flemish brewing techniques. 5 different Belgian specialty malts were used to brew this recipe along with fresh rose buds, hibiscus & dandelions to provide for a provincial farmhouse style Belgian ale experience. La Sirène Farmhouse Red displays a bright red hue amongst a darker backdrop that pours with a delightful rocky off-white head, it’s aroma is one of strong stone fruits such as nectarines & plums dominate along with high floral notes of rose and dandelions. This Farmhouse Red displays sweet red fruit characters initially along with sweet floral tones rounded with a generous mouthfeel and malt character as a backbone. Strong Belgian yeast characters follow and finishes with a fresh Noble hop bitterness.” Copied from their site. @lasirenebrewing



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