ROCKS BREWING CONVICT SERIES LAGER 5.1% This beer or at least mine is a darkish brown beer with pretty hood head on it and it was quite cloudy or muddy looking but I didn’t notice any sediment in the bottom of the bottle a or glass,, it comes in a 500ml bottle which to my mind is the best size as it makes it easier to share than the  330ml stubbies. The hops where noticeable but not over the top and finished with a slightly dry mouthfeel. I am not sure my impressions exactly matched the breweries notes bur I will stick with what I thought.
PETRUS OUD BRUIN 5.5% from De Brandendere Brewery Belgium. First aroma almost a coconut smell and with a coconut  taste , a tiny touch sour, some fruits, who can tell maybe berry or cherry, smooth and creamy, very easy to drink leaning almost towards a soft drink, certainly a soft beer, would probably look nice in one of the goblet shaped glasses and with candles on the table and I wouldn’t be surprised if I was told that it would match chocolate of deserts. I found it a very nice beer though I am not sure it is a hot weather verandah beer.

I got these beers from Leura Cellars
@Rocksbrewing  @BrouwerijDB @leuracellars

P1010202  P1010204


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