Went for lunch at the St Marys Leagues Club yesterday as we were down in that part of the world for a bit of Christmas shopping, bought myself a b.b.q, an extremely hot day, 44 degrees when we got back in the car but it did drop to 38 once we got moving.  First had a Tooheys Darling Pale Ale 4.4%  then switched to a James Squires One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale 4.2% ; the Darling is darker than the Lashes also drier on the pallet than the 150, while the 150 has some citrus notes, both beer seemed to lose their aroma early in the piece. Of the two  I preferred the 150 Lashes. On the way home we stopped of at Leura, first to go to the Leura Cellars but I will leave that for later, Then to the Alexandra Pub and started with a Mudgee Witbier 4.7% , a ice somewhat cloudy slightly sour  wheat beer with the citrus and coriander coming through, then a Mudgee Porter 4.3% a nice black beer, malty bitter coffee notes and finishes a bit dry. The Alexandra doesn’t seem to have a twitter or facebook link which doesn’t really surprise me, It gets busy and is likely to be popular with the tourists but I get the impression is that its locals first here , James squire doesn’t seem to do twitter either.





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