As it was a hot and muggy afternoon and I had been having a session with an insurance mob I thought I deserved a beer. I suppose I have to make an effort to find an excuse. On second thoughts I don’t think I should bother . Anyway The first beer I had was a middy of TWO BIRDS SUMMER ALLE; AMERICAN AMBER/ RED ALE 4.6%.  At first I wasn’t to keen on this beer, to hoppy for me with a fair bit of the galvanised nail taste to it but it did lose as lot of that towards the end of the glass. I changed to a YOUNG HENRYS NATURAL LAGER 4.2% (in untapped the style of this beer is identified as Kellerbier/Zwickelbier )  This was a much more suitable beer for the weather  and very drinkable. Still had some hops to it and I thought citrus (grapefruit notes), and was  cloudy

Zwickelbier was a new term to me so googled and copied it. “Kellerbier, also known as Zwickelbier, is a type of German beer which is typically not clarified or pasteurised. Kellerbier can be either top- or bottom-fermented. The term Kellerbier literally translates as “cellar beer”, referring to its cool lagering temperatures, and its recipe likely dates to the Middle Ages. In comparison with most of today’s filtered lagers, Kellerbier contains more of its original brewing yeast, as well as vitamins, held in suspension. As a result, it is distinctly cloudy, and is described by German producers as naturtrüb (naturally cloudy). Kellerbier and Zwickelbier are often served directly from the barrel (for example, in a beer garden) or bottled. Originally the term Zwickelbier, which is often used to describe a weaker and less full-flavored Kellerbier, was used to refer to the small amount of beer taken by a brewmaster from the barrel with the aid of a special siphon called the Zwickelhahn. Nowadays in Germany Zwickelbier is commercially available in large amounts, usually as a bottom-fermented, but often also as a top-fermented (Kellerweizen).” source Wikipedia  There was another description but it was in German so I gave that a miss.

I have been thinking about revisiting Lagers, a beer style I usually stay away from, mainly because there is often some alternative, but lately I have been wondering if I have missed some good beer. so in the interest of re-education  I will give them a bit of a run.

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