As well as the BEER FIGHT event mentioned yesterday we tried a couple of the other beers on offer at the D & O. Before going up to the beer fight we had a FLIPSIDE RED IPA 6.2% SIERRA NEVADA;  and a KUMARA BROWN   ALE  from Kereru  Brewing Co 5% NZ and  while waiting for the kick off went for a BROOCKLYN LAGER USA 5.2% a good beer; and a MOONDOG LOVE TAP 5.9% (in a bottle ) which is also not a bad drop; Then after the event we tried a BIG SHED PORTER GOLDEN STOUT “GATIME”  5.4%. You would think this is one for the kiddies by its name.

Then we went along to the KEG & BREW and managed to attack a WAYWARD SAISON EURASIAN 5.5% which I thought was a touch mild and went a bit thin or watery after awhile; WILLLIE THE BOATMAN DOLLY ALDRIN 3.4% Berliner Weisse HONEYDEW MELON, not a bad beer, I don’t know much about honeydew melon but I thought it was more cucumber; REQUIUM FOR A DREAM NEWSTEAD BREWERIES; SOUR ALE 6.4% MISMATCH EXTRA PALE ALE 5.5% which I didn’t think was all that hoppy for an XPA; MERCHANT “WHEN SLOTHS CRY”  GOLDEN ALE  5.2% very easy to drink.; MOIUNTAIN GOAT SUREFOOT STOUT; PANHEAD BLACKTOP OAT MEAL STOUT smooth with some chocolate notes; SHENANIGANS WHITE SHY WHITE IPA with jasmine and chamomile; MURRAYS SARCASTIC NEIGHBOUR (d)ry whit fruity note; PANHEAD QUICK CHANGE XPA 4.6% fruity aroma and an early fruity taste. Some of these beers where tasters and the others where middies at least mostly middies. I think that is about as much as I can do though I think I have missed a couple of reviews of the beers. A bit of a trick working out all the twitter address and with this many I will have to post this at least twice…I must have run out of film because I can only identify one for this session

@Dove_and_Olive @KegandBrew

@Pat_of_Tempe @kererubrewingco

@moondogbrewing @bigshedbeer

@NewsteadBrewing @panheadbrewery

@mismatchbrewing @ShenanigansBrew


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