I went along to the this event held at the Dove and Olive on Sunday afternoon. A face off between  TWO BIRDS “NEMEH CHERRY SAISON 6.3%; TWO BIRDS “TACO’ WHEAT BEER 5.2%  and YOUNG HENRYS “NEWTOWNER SUMMER ALE 4.8% and YOUNG HENRYS “BIG BALLS”IPA 6.7% . The Saison and the IPA where a first time for me , the others I have had before. The order that the beers appeared on the tasting notes (as above) is also the order I scored them in though the actual result was Two Birds one and tow and Young Henry 3  and 4. This was the last round of the fight club for this year and was an all female brewer event to promote the Pink Boots Society which is geared towards promoting women in the industry. I think the event went off pretty well with everybody having a good time. I did think that things got a bit lost for a while with the talk about the third beer  finishing before half the room got a beer in front of them to taste, though it did turn up eventually. I got a chance to talk to both  Sam of Y. H, and Danni of 2 Birds and I also learned not to get in the way of brewers and media cameras. And, as quit possibly the oldest there coming in at 119kilos and an occasional home brewer I felt that the comment (twice?) about fat old home brewers might be meant for me I just didn’t understand the reference.   We had a nice long chat with Allison of Keg and Brew whose group shared the table with us and who came 2nd in the design a label comp. She seemed very interested in the world of beer and  was quit knowledgeable and I got the impression she wanted to advance further in the field  of beer. We had a few more beers in the  downstairs bar then went on to see what the Keg and Brew had on their board.  The other beers of the night I will list in a later post. And I forgot to say that the two fellows who did the mcing did a pretty good job

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P1010193 P1010190P1010192P1010194P1010195


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