Called in to the Station Bar the other day and had a couple Pilsners from Caseys Beers called the LOUNGE 5.2%, Caseys Beers id a recently opened brewery at Lawson NSW . I haven’t been to this brewery and I don’t know if it is open to the public. I would hazard a guess and say that it is unlikely that they are set up to sell beer by the glass to the public . As son as I get a chance I will check this out. While I don’t usually choose pilsners I was quite happy with this one and this one wasn’t too hoppy.

 “…..It is a preliminary/trial batch. It is pale, somewhat dry and moderately hoppy. I’ve decided to call this  beer “Lounge”, at 5.2% it is about 0.5% stronger than what I want it to be.”

I copied the last paragraph directly from the Casey Beer Blog, there doesn’t appear to be a brewery site or a twitter account that I could find.

As I am the one driving, I get to be the one having the middy. Next weekend I am going to what is called a Craft Beer Fight Club at the Dove and Olive, this one called Broads Who Brew featuring Two Birds and Young Henry brewers, and as I am going down by train I should be able to have a couple more middies than I usually do.

@TwoBirdsBrewing  @younghenrys


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