Had lunch at the CAROUSEL RSL A at MT DRUITT today, I have never been in this place before though I driven past it many times, in fact I always thought it was a tavern  or pub rather than an RSL, The food was alright and what you would expect in an RSL, The wasn’t a big choice of beers on the tap, just the usual, I kicked off with a Tookeys “DARLING”PLAE ALE 4.4% Australian Pale Ale and as there was not much to it I changed to a Tooheys “OLD”. WE had a bit of a browse in the bottle shop and saw that there where a couple of South Pacific beers, not surprising considering the area we where in. Bought a couple of stubbies FIJI BITTER 4.6% as I hadn’t come across it before. On opening it there was a pretty fair aroma you might expect from a lager and the taste was also the same. This is a pretty ordinary beer and I don’t think I would buy it again if there was a choice but I suppose it would go down ok if you found yourself sitting in the shade of  a bar in the Pacific Islands. The bottle label says it is brewed in Fiji since “1957” though google says it is brewed by Carlton United and Coca Cola Amitil have some involvement , I coudnt find a site dedicated to a brewery/brewer of this beer


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