Due to a tree falling across the streets power lines causing a big power surge through my wires I have lost all my internet connections so I will be more late than I usually am posting this and the next couple of items.
Spent a couple of days in Sydney on the weekend as I was going to I a wedding on Sunday. so on the Saturday filled the afternoon and evening dropping in to a couple of beer selling establishments.
Started the journey off with a sneaky  middy of James Squire Fifty Lashes at the Criterion where we were camping for the weekend. Not the worst budget set up I have stayed at; very basic just a bed chair and a small table with a electric jug and coffee fixings and a bit of floor space to hang your coat and hat on, the main issue was the ridiculously small toilet/shower cubicle, the shower door opening, if it could be called opening to just wide enough to allow access to the seriously emaciated. And should you decide to sit and think a while on the toilet porcelain your knees will project out into the bedroom through a door impossible to close during proceedings. Had another restorative middy in the Edinburgh Castle ,a pub I don’t recall being in, at least in recent decades, and had a Young Henrys Real and a Summer storm Summer Ale.
Finally reaching our destination, the ROYAL ALBERT HOTEL,where we met up with a few new beers.
BLACKMANS BREWERY “BOB WIT” 4.3% A breakfast beer, not overpowering and easy to drink, citrusy, maybe lemon slightly soapy, I enjoyed it:
CAMDEN V BLACKMANS IMPERIAL DOUBLE IMPERIAL PILS 7.8% Fruity hop tastes, hops manageable, not much aroma :
BLACKMANS “ARTHUR” IMPERIAL SMOKED PORTER 6.3% A bit of confusion with the name of this one but the beer I had was smoke, black with a nice brown head, tarry, not a lot of smoke taste though does have a smoke aroma, a bit dry: MODUS OPERANDI “SILENT KNIGHT” 5.6%. Creamy mouthfeel medium level porter nice and easy to drink though not a big challenge:
YOUNG HENRYS “GOLDEN SOUR” SOUR ALE  %N/A (?) I don’t know what %N/A means Very start sharp aroma catches the back of the nose , I am beginning to like sours more and more:
HARGREAVES HILL “ TRIPLE BELGIAN STRONG ALE” 9.2% A big bugger beer, a very nice  beer.
YOUNG HENRYS “BURN OUT” DARK ALE 4,8% (HAND PUMP) Warm some chocolate not a lot of smoke not a heavy beer.
BATCH “BRIGHTEN STORMY”  SOUR ALE 6.2%, Very citrusy, tart  both taste and smell , lemon or grapefruit zest . Hard to have a top pick out of that list, maybe between the Triple and the Golden Sour .
Then dropped in to the SYDNEY ART-HOUSE, BIG MISTAKE,Replace the “T”n Art House with “SE”  I wanted to continue on with middies but was informed that only pints and schooners were served in this joint. I strongly expressed my views on the subject querying where the R.S.A. was in that and then the  ???? behind the bar  said that he would let me have a half a schooner. Work that out if you can.
Having done as much damage as possible to the “Albert selection” we ambled off to the KEG AND BREW and continuing in the spirit of things sticking, to middies and tastes
LITTLE BREWING Co MAD ABBOT BELGIAN TRIPLE 9.5%  Creamy good strong stuff;
TOOBORAC MAPLE CREAM BROWN ALE 5.8% Nice beer a little stout/porter like;
3 RAVENS  5% JAMON Y PINA  SMOKED BEER. I didn’t think there was a lot of smoke here had a slight perfumed aroma;
BATCH FARMHOUSE 4.4% Very light drinking not a lot of challenge or character;
NEW ENGLANDER FREDERICK INDIA BROWN ALE “HOP CANNON” 6.8% Not overly hoppy a touch creamy;
MERCHANT EARL PEAR 6.4% BLONDE ALE A nice middle range beer;
BATCH ELSIE MILK STOUT 4.9% Nice and smooth good easy drinking;
MERCHANT SMOOTH SAILOR 5.8% ENGLISH PORTER Maybe a it more body but a bit rougher mouthfeel than “Elsie”
Before the reception we killed a bit of time at the  PONTOON BAR, not the biggest selection of craft beers, I had a 4 PINES KOLSCH always a good standby as it is nice beer to have when you are just having a beer. And those with me where going to have a MURRAY’S ANGRY MAN but as it was finished they tried a YULLI’S BREWS JACKO’S PONTOON ALE which they quite liked.
The beer at the reception “do” at DOCKSIDE BLACK WATTLE BAY,was BOAGS which was served at the table from jugs with the glasses being constantly topped up, a process which I don’t think did the beer justice.  OH! And the bride looked grouse and the groom turned out fine once someone went over him with a damp rag.
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