I dropped into the Oktoberfest held in the front grounds of the Carrington Hotel at Katoomba. I think this is supposed to be an annual event though one wasn’t held last year, possibly because of bushfires. I  was there on the Saturday afternoon and while fairly well attended the numbers where much less than the last one I went to. Maybe it picked up later in the day.There was just the two beers. Lowenbrau and Hoffbrau, similar beers though the Lowenbrau is a little darker. There was a cider and wine available for the non bber people. There was also German foof though I didn’t check that out. The music in the afternnonwas provide by a fairly well known local pub band though needless to say I don’t know what they where called  . Beers where available in litre and half litre steins and plastic schooners and missies. Pay for the steins then get them refilled, I didn’t get one as I already have a set and anyway am not  interested enough in the beers on affer to drink it in that quantity as it was pretty expensive at event prices. I had a schooner of each at $8.00 each, then went into the Bank BAr and bought a 4 PINES KOLSCH 4.6% and a ROCKS BREWING  HANGMAN 4.9% which at a bit over $13.00 for the two. a much better deal and far better beer. Perhaps they should have put the Kolsch on instead. Then made it up to the Station Bar for  an AKASHA “FIRE WITHIN” 5.8% Amaerican Amber , I didn’t think it had a lot of aroma but it was dry and hop[py.. A MOO BREW  PALE ALE, 4.9% quite easy to drin, not to hoppy with a bit of fruity nose to it. RIVERSIDE “OTHELLO”  9% Imperial Black India Pale Ale. It was certainly black and was a big and heavy beer. Is a nice beer though it did have a taste that I couldn’t put a name to.

Then because the train timetable was buggered up we had to wait and had a beer at the Gearins, no notes, probably n ‘Old”and another at the next stop. The Gardeners in Blackheath.

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