SCBW 2015

I was only able to get into Sydney on one day  for this years SBCW and that was on Wednesday. I went firstly to the KEG AND BREW I had a couple of SIERRA NEVADAS, the CLOSE CALL KOLSCH  4.7%: THE TORPEDO EXTRA IPA 7,2% .SAISON INDIA FARMHOUSE ALE % I found the Kolsch a very good beer to start off with after the walk from the station to the pub, dry, citrus and not overly hopped, the Torpedo, a much bigger beer, more hoppy thought he malts came through. I have had the Torpedo from the bottle shop and I reckon that the beer on tap is a much better drop., the Saison, a bit of spice and a little sour with an aroma kick after a while, Very Nice Beer!. My drinking partner had the KYLE BUTTERS from YULLI AND THE KEG AND BREW 6.4% Brewed at Hopworks at Bowral. An Oak Barrel Aged IPA , Butterscotch taste; creamy; not to hoppy ; fairly malty. YULLI’S SLICK RICK , RAMPAGING RED ALE 6.2% from the hand pump; sticky , hoppy with a hint of a leathery note. BIG SHED CALIFORNICATOR 7.5% hoppy which comes in stronger at the end. Also had a taste of the EXIT AND KAIJU SCHOPSH , smokey though  to hoppy for my liking.

We then moved to BITTER PHEW to have a go at their barrel aged beers. Started with a LERVIG/MAGIC ROCK RUSTIC FARMHOUSE IPA, 6% nice farmhouse ale aroma the beer was very tart- lemon tart-sour, a good beer, SOURTHERN BAY (VIC)   6.3% WHITE IPA Peppery both aroma and taste an easy to drink IPA. My note book pages are a bit out of order with the next couple of beers so, cant work out how that happened, so as near as I can tell, BRIDGE ROAD/BREWERS CREEK  KRIEK 4.5% Rhubarb aroma, very tart at the beginning. PRICKLY MOSES 6.4% RACONTEUR OAK BARREL, spicy biscuits taste. BLACK DOG/EEL RIVER MUSCAT MONGREL BARLEYWINE9.5% Starting to get into the good stuff now, syrupy but not thick with a bit of spice. TO OL FALL OF MAN IMPERIAL PORTER 11.4% Oak Barrel COCAO. A very big aroma and is far more complex and a really good beer . HERETIC INCUBUS IMPERIAL STOUT 12% another good beer but I think the Fall Of Man was the best of the big beers with perhaps the Lervig/Magic Rock coming a very close second overall favourite.

From Bitter Phew we looked in at the Wild rover and that all we did, this place seemed to be in a complete state of upheaval, so we left and finished off at the DOVE AND OLIVE before catching a train back up the mountains there we had a BREWCULT CANT FIGHT THE FUNK FARMHOUSE ALE 6.2% A BIG SHED FRANKENBROWB BROWN ALE 5.3%; MANHATTAN PROJE T/ANGSTROM BREWERY PALE ALE 5%; WHITE SKY SHENANIGANS  WITBIER 6.5% ,EKIMS THE VINLANDER PORTER 6%.

I managed to have a good chat with the licensee from the Keg and Brew, and one of the Bitter Phew boys, don’t know their names. I think this years SCBW might have been a bit quitter than the previous ones. The Ap worked quite well and it was not to hard to find out what to do, where to go.

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P1010089 P1010088 P1010087 P1010085 P1010084 P1010083 P1010082 P1010081





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