At my wekly drop in at the STATION BAR KATOOBA I first had a COOPERS EXTRA STRONG VINTAGE ALE at 7.5%, pretty large amount of hops coupled with some caramel like malts. Followed that with an AKASHA FRESHWATER PALE ALE 5.2% A nice beer with full on hops though I did think it got a bit thin towards the end of the drink. I finished off with a BADLANDS MALEKULA DARK4.9% from the hand pump. It was dark, the beer I had was considerably warmer than the others, as is to be expected with a hand pumped beer, it may even have been a bit warmer than previous beers from the same tap, but then it may just have been more noticeable because the day was warmer. It was also totally devoid of any carbonation and was exactly the same as a measure drawn from my fermenter when testing the beers progress. This caused a bit of a discussion because while others said the ” beer was not “right” it was very easy to drink and I didn’t mind it.

BOTTLED BER OUT OF MY FRIDGE. MOUNTAIN GOAT PALE ALE 5.2%. Had this before and it is a fairly hoppy stand by beer . ZIG ZAG SPRING ALE  4.5% a very easy to drink beer and while it is the sort you might fill the fridge with for the weekend barby, I probably couldn’t call it a wildly challenging beer. DAINTONS “INSANE UNCLE” IPA 6% A lot hoppier than the previous beers and perhaps  to the point where I might stop at the one. SAMUAL SMITH YORKSHIRE “STINGO” STRONG ALE 8%  Very good beer, It says on the bottle ” fermented in stone squares; aged in oak ale casks and matured for four years and bottle conditioned” Those stone squares are something I would like to see.  ANyhow I thought this a very good beer almost Christmas pudding and  to my mind with noticeable vanilla notes.

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P1010060 P1010064 P1010066 P1010069

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