It was a nice evening so we had a couple of beers on the balcony, well that was yesterday, it wouldn’t have worked to day.

The first beer was a HARGREAVES HILL GOLDEN ALE 4.7% (VIC) a very nice and easy to drink after a morning of digging holes, maybe a bit light on taste, but definitely not the caramel jammy-ness of a lot of golden’s , I could have sunk a couple more of this beer.We followed up with a MOUNTAIN GOAT AMERICAN PALE ALE 5.2%(VIC), this had more body and hoppiness than the first beer and it also went down easily and far to quickly. I used a couple of stone mugs I picked up from the breweries in  Germany. At 500ml they where the wrong size for the stubbies but I like using them and they keep the beer cool.

Later, we had a HOP HOG FROM BEERWORKS; COSMIC HIGHWAY4.8% (VIC).  I am sure this is a good beer but it is not my preferred style,  find the hops a bit overpowering, with a hoppy dry taste not a lot of aroma at the start, lingers, a little cloudy but not muddy, some sediment left in the glass.  We had Thai Fish Cakes  and the best I had that I thought might match was a LA SIRENE SAISON (VIC) and I wasn’t to concerned if it didn’t because I rally like this style of beer and this on e is a good example. It has a nice flowery nose, a bit fizzy on the tongue

P1010052 P1010054 P1010057 P1010060

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