The Hydro ran an Oktoberfest in the afternoon of  Saturday and Sunday the past weekend, held between midday and 5pm.

The beer first as it was Oktoberfest, there was two beers available, a Lowenbrau and  Hofbrau. The usual standbys I suppose, as the weekend was very warm and Saturday was particularly sunny the beer went down very well. At $10 for a 475ml a plastic mug I felt that it was a bit overpriced. Beers  and food where bought with a token purchased from a central kiosk except for the cider which was a cash deal, I don’t know why the difference. The cider was from Hillbilly Cider, I was going to try one but never got around to it

There  where signs about saying craft beers was available, though when I asked what sort  I got a blank look then ignored. I suppose Lowenbrau and HB might consider themselves craft.

The food was bratwurst sausage on a white bun or curried Bratwurst sausage not on a white bun both for $10 ea., and there was also  roast pork knuckle with sauerkraut for $20.00 which looked pretty good but we had one of each sausages, not bad but $10.00???  They also had the big pretzels and apple strudel but I didn’t have that and I don’t know what they cost.

The Hydro had Oom-Pah/German  music played over the sound system and a boot slapping dance demonstration, I think there might have ben other stuff but I didn’t notice what it was it at the time.

It was a quite a pleasant afternoon at the Hydro, which I have to say is not my venue of choice usually, it certainly would never make a “local” but then it probably doesn’t want to. This was more like a garden party than a beer festival . I think a few shade umbrella’s about the place would have helped as, as I was leaving I noticed that all the tables and bench’s previously in full sun had been dragged in to the shad o the trees .It will be interesting to see if this place is going to make this an annual event. No reason why it can’t be.

We walked from Blackheath to Medlow but caught a bus back and dropped in to the Gardener’s Hotel for a couple of schooners of “old”. I appear as though this pub is under new management so here’s looking forward to a change, hopefully an interesting one.

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