I had written this post off line on the plane but word press decided that it wasn’t going to store in draft form so here I go again
I went to a craft beer bar called Arendsnest, the third and final in a set of four bars in the group, the other two being Craft and Draft, and The Beer Temple
This was a small place and so was crowded and busy in a nice location on the side of a canal however the only spot available to me was inside at a table in the narrow space between the bar and the wall.
I eventually got a beer after getting  past the defences of the woman behind the bar, a statuesque blond with an unhelpful attitude. Because of attitude I ordered beer in twos as I wasn’t interested in the conflict. Beers one and two were a KOLSCH 4.5% a fair enough beer, unfortunately my spelling of the name doesn’t work in google so I cant provide the beer or brewery name. the other beer was From the De Molens brewery a draft SPANNING AND SENSATIE  IMPERIAL STOUT 9.8% A Big Black beer ,chocolate, roasted malts, pepper.  chili chocolate. A very Nice Beer

The next set was a TRIPLE SAISON DE VRIENDDSCHAP 9% from the  Brouwerij De Vriendschap , A nice example of a triple saison  which I thought had fruity notes and a draft HOMMELES DORSTVLEGEL 6% SAISON/FARMHOUSE ALE a style always a favourite with me.

I had for comparison, in bottles a De Molens Hell and Damnation Imperial Stout 10% in an Emelisse Imperial Stout 11% after having a chat with  a barman (not the blond) who said that in his opinion the Emmelisse beer was the better. I may be biased but I don’t agree, as far as I am concerned generally speaking the De Molens beers just about all other beers, though I haven’t tried as many examples from Emilisse as I have from De Molens. As an additional bit of trivia I had planned to take the train ride to Bodergraven to visit the brewery again but with only two days in Amsterdam it didn’t come off, I was at least able toe get a couple their beers and one was draft I am not a 100% confident with my copying details from the beer list board, even more so after the first few of these heavy beers
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