Looks like an ice day but is supposed to be a bit cooler today. Half the, what, team, group have breakfasted and gone to, what? We have an hour and I am trying to be chilled but can see some of the group dynamics already
First day started out with a bit of traffic to deal with on an unfamiliar bike. It didn’t take to long to get used to the bike and get on to the country roads. The weather started of good in the mid twenties but it started to rain and the temperature dropped a old ten degrees. The countryside has been slightly hilly and on country roads. Lunchtime it was raining so we didn’t take the cable car up to see the fort/castle so we finished the day a bit early and the rain has cleared up. After getting into the hotel I went off for a walk around the town, old streets very touristy and photogenic as the river runs through the centre. This is moselle wine country, not a bad ride today , the weather stayed pretty Google and I climbed to the top of an old cased.
DIEKIRCH at the dam hotel is the name of the nearest town and also the name the beers is called after. The brewery does a fair range of beers but the Pilsner is the only one available at the hotel and I won’t be able to go to the brasserie in the town.
Last night I went to one of the best bars/brasserie I have been in a long time. The barmaid was totally in control of the busy pub, working in more than one language,there was no till, the money was done with a leather wallet and the tab was kept by marking a beer coaster, I had a couple of WEIHENSTEPHAN WEISENER ,three FRUH HOLSCHS 200 ml glasses and a couple of DIEBELS DARK whit he was slightly malty and very easy to drink,
At the hotel stop in Diekkirch, Luxen urge which is a very nice hotel but to far out of town for a visit I tried a the beer from the local Brewery ” DIEKIRCH ” This brewery does a few different beers but the hotel only had the Premium Pilsner, which after a longish days ride was good, though It was fairly typical of the style. With the dinner I had a Klensch Pilsner

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