MONDAY 31/8/2015

Not sure what today will bring, I will have another look around the old town. Maybe see if I can get a new watch battery, as I have to pass the area anyway will see if I can find where the bus to Cologne is launched for my move après tour. Have to be back at the hotel by three for bike handover and paperwork done. Ride begins tomorrow. 0630hrs, just beginning to get light and this is the coolest time of day here at the moment anyway. Lost another one of these stylus pens again, might be buried under some of the stuff in the room.
Never came close to lunch time today, not even 1100hrs and I am having a morning tea BITBURGER PILSNER. I did try a Burger King earlier to make use of their wi fi but a combination of the heat and the smell of cooking fat was too much for me, so I soldiered on and settled for her with no wi fi. I found the river but I don’t know where I am now but is a very nice and quite platze, looks like a church over therq under construction but that seems to be the case every where. I have been seriously chilled. Only had two small beers before I move on. This is another place bicycles rule, lots of strange bikes and lots of strange sites on bikes.

image image

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