Back to Harry’s Bar this time having Kronenburg 1664 Blanc, that might have to be the lot for a bit. I don’t know what they exchange rate is but whatever it is these beers will be expensive
I cruised the flight lounges here to see if I could get in on casual basis, no deal, it seems my money is not as good as fat cat dosh. Explain that if you can because the four lounges I looked into where nearly empty so it is not as if I was taking a mincing poncer’s place at the trough. I would have considered paying for a casual visit,bought a couple of beers or a coffee and sandwich, but that is a couple of quid they won,t get.
Another non-Virgin Singapore plane. Am having a tin of Bitburger, that or a Heineken or Tiger again, would be nice to see a better selection but not going to happen, this is a very light golden coloured beer dry and finishes with a bitters taste, not a particularly exciting beer. We have had drinkies I wonder what happen now, it’s three o’clock here and nine o’clock in Frankfurt so that. Evans too late for breakfast and too late for lunch depending on which way you read it. They are bringing out the “specials” meals it looks like a large mob of people now put in for special service, vegetarian and the like which is done first so they have finished before the rest get started. Landing in a few minutes, will be glad to move around a bit, we are about half an hour ahead of time, that must be a first, it’s seems to have been a long run, maybe the down time in Singapore made it seem forever.
According to the name on the glass I am having a Konig Ludwig Dunkel but I am not sure that is correct because the tap read Warsteiner this beer Is not bad finishes a touch bittery, and it is the Warsteiner.
I am having all the usual wi fi problems in the hotel, it won’t work where I am currently sitting so I am going to have to move, This hotel looks a bit out of the way, will have to wait until morning to see if there I anything around. It is very hot after the Blue Mountains, it was about 29 at the airport when we landed at eight o’clock.
My early observations are that ,,, so far ,,, both here in Germany and in Singapore are far more expensive than Sydney, all those talking heads that say Sydney is the worlds worst hasn’t bought a coffee or beer or paid for a taxi in these two places. I have a weisbier now, nice, a bit more to it than the others, and I have wi fi in this spot so I will post this

image image image

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