For some reason the hotel won’t let me access my own blog from google, something about alcohol and tobacco rules, worlds gone mad.
I think I have misplaced Saturday,, This hotel may have looked out of the way but it is either very full or a very popular Sunday breakfast place because there are a lot of people. It is all very confusing but not even nine o’clock and already getting hot. I had best go for a walk before it gets even hotter , should be a challenge because I don’t know where things are. Doesn’t seem to be any air conditioning , not a surprise if you are dealing with Europe cold but nobody has factored in global warming.
I thought I had got lost gone for ever in the DOM otherwise known as the Cathedral, huge place, tiny entrances, one way to keep up congregations, lock the buggers in. Having.a couple of ERDINGER WEISBEIRS before trying to find my way back to the hotel. My watch kicked the bucket at three minutes past one this afternoon. I wonder if I can get a ten dollar one at an airport.


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  1. lcwooLucy says:

    Glad you finally made it. Take it easy and try to stay cool

    • moreray01 says:

      Thanks Icwoolucy, I see your comments where a success

    • moreray01 says:

      All the Vicaris beers where good at this bar. I am developing a theme for a post re Belgian beers V Other, in short, it is just not the time sometimes for heavy beers and a girly pils does the job,(P.C comment?) But I think I have. Favourite for this trip and it might turn out to be German

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