Day one 28/08/2015
Sydney Airport. Had a couple of ASAHI Dry beers at a cost of $ 12.50 for a 400ml glass one of which we had to send back because it was do badly cracked it left half the glass on the counter when picked up. I then had a Stubbie of Tooheys Old for $ 8.50 before getting in the plane.
After a bit of a hard to understand performance I did get an aisle seat.which gives me a bit more shoulder room. I thought I had booked to fly Virgin and I was kind of looking
forward to it but I am on a Singapore airplane.lets see how many if any out if the four flights I m doing will turn out to be Virgin.
It seems that I have made a blue with the plane bookings and it looks as though I am due a longish stopover at Singapore. Refreshment time now, it says in the flight menu that they offer an international selection of beers. This turns out to be either Tiger or Heineken, and as I think Heineken is made under licence in Australia, in the interests of internationalism I had a Tiger. There is a stout on the list as well, try our luck later.
Must be over the half way mark now, starting to get a bit uncomfortable, and a pity the children behind me don,t go to sleep, typical kids who could possible like children especially other people’s. Couldn’t get the TV thing o work doesn’t matter all that much except I would have watched the plane advance across the ocean blue. This flight hasn’t been that bad for a non-Virgin but I am out of practice if I was ever in, as it is as uncomfortable as ever.

Had something called HPL or Harry’s lager from. Changi Airport bar called, believe it or no, Harry’s, not bad in this heat as it is mucho hotter than the Blue Mountains here.






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