I went to the “Garage” for lunch today with a friend, Until someone told me that the menus was a tapas style I was a bit confused by it, There was a few pizzas and a four or five light meals of the fish burger or steak sandwich category along with a couple of daily soup or pasta daily specials other than that it seems as the rest of the list are sharing plates. The food is pretty good, I had a satisfactorily sticky fingering chicken wings and friend had the pasta. I chased the wings with an apple and rhubarb calzone which I probably shouldn’t have done but sometimes you just have to go for these things. There seems to be a reasonable wine list though I didn’t spend much time with it.

The garage has about six beers, two draughts and four bottles The draught beer was from the Badlands Brewery of Orange, I first had the Badlands Draughty Kilt Scottish Ale 5,1% which I was told was a Brown Ale which poured with a satisfyingly white head, was a bit muddy in the glass, a nice malty and very easy to drink brown ale. The other beer I had was the Badlands Pale Ale an English Pale Ale 4.6% ;Also pouring with a nice white head, this beer is not aggressively hopped and has a light malt taste, it becomes somewhat bitter and a touch  dry as the level in the glass goes down.  It makes it a bit difficult when you are given misleading information and the Badland’s site wasn’t too helpful with the Scottish v Brown debate. The draught’s where middie sized and $8.00 which is about the upper limit I think. Unless the Knapstein was a  500 or 750 ml bottle I doubt if I would have paid the #12.00 for it

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