The Keg & Brew showcased a FERAL Brewing tap taker with a total of thirty three Feral beers, I think I heard the brewer saying it was the first time they had Snapperbeen able to achieve this a mount of beers at one sitting.  I don’t suppose there are many breweries in Australia that could match that. It seemed to me that there was a very god turn out, fortunately we got there early enough to score a seat because I doubt I would have been Gould for the whole session standing up. Before I get to the beer, a couple of points I think worth mentioning. We had to stick to middies  for the whole session as there was by no means enough paddles and tasting glasses to handle the demand. As much as I dislike them in normal use, perhaps this would have been a good time to use disposable plastic. I was pleased to see that there where a few other beer styles at this event such as the Gose, the Saisons and others giving the usual IPA,S a bit of a challenge. There are three hand pumps. I also got to chat with the brewer. The samples, what I saw of them went past us so quick I am not sure there even was any, at least not for the corner I was in. We had a pretty good meal, you can’t go wrong with onion rings.

So; beers more or less in order :-   Hose Gose 4.5% , a bit Borracca like, hint of vinegar but interesting and not bad; Whit, Belgian wit 4.6% Lemmony Peppery; Houblon Voyage 6% French IPA , one of the best of the night; Nice Guy Dud Root English Brown. 5.5% , sticky, with chocolate notes, mild; Hopfen Fahrt German IPA 6.5% not overly hoppy but hops build up; Kelis Saison 6.5% ,  a fairly light easy drinking, a bit of lemon and spice; Funken Phresh American Wild Ale, complex, sour, berries , nice; sample of Watermelon Warhead Berliner Weisse 2.9% a bit sour does have a vegetable taste which must be watermelon, I’m not an expert because I don’t like watermelon as a fruit; Cat IPA 8% very IPA,ish; Pumpkin BumpkinPumpkin Saison 7.2% lot of cloves ; Rust Belgian Dubbel 6% Dark red, sticky, getting stickier, nice drop; BFH, Barrel Fermented Hog American IPA, dry, hoppy, bitter,not my style; Razorback Barleywine 9.6%. paddle I would have expected more nose with this ; Boris Snapper Russian Imperial Stout 9.1%  A slight taste of orange some stickiness mouth feel but a bit thin; , Brussel Stout,9% Slight medicine taste thin sticky mouth feel, Ashy Larry, Oaked Smoked Porter, 6.7%  Smokey , a bit thin; Milky Johnson, Milk Stout 5.2% Very creamy lace on glass, sticks on tongue hint of sour milk, somewhat cloying butnot bad; Knuckles Coffee IPA 5.6 Very Pale ? no nose not a lot of coffee but easy to drink; Ace of Base, Belgian Golden 7.7% sour and tangy

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