We stopped off at the D & A as a warm up yo the Feral Tap Take Over being run at the Keg and Brew hotel.

So we started with middies of Stone and Wood Garden Ale 3.8% ( light and grassy), a Hope Hefeweizen 4.5% and  Wayward Charmer India Red Ale 5% ( dry, hoppy, a bit treacly and sweet . Next two, New Enaglanader Pale Ale 5.8%or4.5% depending on if you believe the board or Utapp,d ( dry and not overly hopped).  Yullis Fatnerd Vanilla Porter 6% hand pump very nice but a bit too sweet for repeats. Shenanigans Bah’sdin American Dry Stout 4.4% . a very creamy head with choc, coffee notes

The D & O had a beer from a brewery which was new to me, called Merchants Brewery, we were told it is a gypsy brewer brewing out of an inner west brewery, I thought I heard Wayward but I may have made that up. We didn’t get to try their beer as we had to move on.

I might have the early beers a bit out of order but you get the drift,

@stoneandwood. @WaywardBeer @NewEnglandBrew @ShenanigansBrew @yullisbrews

image image image image

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