Stopped off at the Station Bar for a Shenanigans Brewing Company Malt Assault 5.3% Murrays Ronny Dunkel, Dunkelweizen 5.5% and a taste of  Akasha Brewing Company, Hopsmith American IPA 7.2%.

A couple of beers from Carrington Bottle Shop:- Abita Brewing, Jockama IPA 6.5% has a great aroma of hops and malts , a taste that is rather tangy with hints of lemon orange or grapefruit with a somewhat burnt or Scottish marmalade like taste. Fortunately does not leave me with the long lasting metallic hop taste. I have liked most of the beers from this brewery that I have tried lately.

Sierra Nevada River Ryed Rye American IPA. 6% A fair hop aroma when opening the tin. Had this beer with  very spicy meal and it lost its identity and a such it was quite a restrained IPA. (both from the Carrington Bottle Shop)

From Leura Cellars HARVIESTONE OLD ENGINE OIL 6% BLACK ALE, Fruit pudding smell, my beer may be a touch to cold, a very pretty looking beer, much like a great cup of coffee , a black beer with a brown head, I am getting a touch of oysters now, a nice complex beer,
The best beer tonight by far. Am left with a a hoppy after taste but am not sure from which beer.

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IMG_2894 IMG_2897 IMG_2903IMG_2902





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