My daughter and I went to see  the Kitty and Daisy and Lewis show at the Metro Theatre on Saturday.
As we had a fair amount of time before the show we went to the DOVE AND OLIVE;  Saturday arvo and very noisy and pretty full, swans game on up the road, lots of supporters in. This pub has  24 taps and 2 hand pump
We Started with:
SHENANIGANS MALT ASSAULT 5.3% amber ale , nice malty beer.      [1]
YULLI IS NORMAN AUSSIE ALE  5.1% the sweetness cuts back the hops       [ 1]
GANG OF 4  4.4% members lager. [2] not a bad lager
FOX HAT WEST COAST IPA  7% ( metric IPA). [2]hoppy, clearly an IPA good at the start but has come on a bit strong as the level in the glass dropped
YULLIS  BREWS FAT NERD VANILLA HAND PUMP 5.8% ( on the left in photo). [3] chocolate notes at the outset  but gets a bit thin, has a bigger aroma than the Quiet Deeds
 QUIET DEEDS  VANILLA PORTER. 5.9% (0n the right in photo).  [3] much more of everything compared to the  first one, the nose picks up as it warms
BATCH CHOC RASPBERRY STOUT 5.8% [4] Can taste the berries
GRIFTER OATMEAL STOUT 5.5%[4].   On the left of photo 2. not as creamy as I would expect of an oatmeal stout
{A Taste of Karma Citra 5.8% IBA Indian black ale, has the astringent nose of a sour}
We then moved on to the KEG AND BREW and had a couple of burgers and onion rings and to go with them
THE BATCH CHOOKYs nitro rye 4.7% IPA; dry – nudging sour.   no picture  [1]
4 PINES HAZELNUT BROWN ALE 5.8% nice quite beer  no pic slight creamy mouthfeel [1]
YULLIS,s BRUCE MALONE ENGLISH IPA  6.2% nice mild English style beer on the hand pump, worlds of difference between the last two beers [2]
STAB IN THE DARK, DARK  IMPERIAL PORTER;  9.1% a big chunky porter and a very nice beer
In the Metro, we had a couple of Coopers lagers in cans, to my mind a pretty poor effort.
After the show we stopped off at a pub called the CIVIC I think, in Australia Square, or near to it ,very clean and new looking but not very pubby and had a White Rabbit dark, not a bad beer a it like an ‘old’ but more malty.
After a pretty long day I wanted to finish on middies but where told that the Civic only sold schooners so asked for a half a schooner
I completely fail to see how it is legal or “RSA” to refuse to sell beer in smaller glasses
With all the beers on tap at the “D and O and the K and B ”  there was no wheat beers or any saison/farmhouse/lambic beers on tap.
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