On the way to the Tequila event the other the day we had a bit of time in hand so we dropped in to the Alexander Pub at Leura for a quick Mudgee Wheat. Well it was supposed to be quick BUT the place was a bit busy, there where two waiting at te the pool room bar and a few at the main bar. it appeared that there was two staff on at the time, a woman who spent all the time I was watching writing, presumably food orders and running in and out of the bar and a man who was sticking to the main bar. A man came in and asked if we where being served and when we said no he said his job was in the restaurant and that by pulling a couple of beers for us he was “DOING US A FAVOUR” well! he wasn’t doing us any favours, he was doing his job, and doing it with a lousy attitude.

So many places in the mountains at least go to pieces when they get even the smallest crowd in.

Anyway back to the beer, the Mudgee Wheat 4.7% is quite a nice beer on tap, all the characteristics expected of a wheat with the aroma and colour, somewhat cloudy and the notes of coriander comes through.

After the Tequila event we had nearly an hour to wait for the next train so went back for a couple more wheat and as the pub had quietened down a lot had no trouble in getting served this time. The Alexander is not a bad pub when it is quite at least.

From what I can see the Alexander does not seem to have contracted the social media bug so I cant include them in this conversation.



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