I went to a Tequila and Mescal tasting last week hosted by Leura Cellars

Three Tequilas and three Mescals where from the Don Amado distilleries, I am not sure exactly but I think that while from different distilleries and from different regions all came under the one brand name. three of each where highlighted. The Mescals where from Oaxaca and where; Don Amado Rustico; Don Amado Reposado and Don Amado Anejo . The Tequila’s where from Jalisco and where; ArteNON 1580 Bianco; ArteNOM 1549 Bianco Organic and ArteNOM 1414 Reposado. The 1549 was a lowland Tequila and the 1580 was a from a high altitude distillery.  Overall I thought that the mescals might be a bit smoother and more refined than the Tequilas though there didn’t seem to be a huge difference between all of them. Perhaps the Don Amado Anejo might have had the edge at the end of the da but I decided to by the high altitude 1549.This is more oilier than the others and had a challenging taste to it, The young man who introduced the drinks said that the agave  taste and aroma came through more pronouncedly than perhaps with the others . I definitely thought that it was he most interesting of them all even if it might not have been the best.

Information on the products are on the web.

It was another good Leura Cellars night and I am now waiting for a rum do.

Captureteq  Mescal





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