It goes to show how easy it is to get out of order if you don’t keep good notes and even more so when the photographs are more than a bit dodgy. I have been trying to convince myself that my phone and mini iPad will get better but it just doesn’t look like they are going to so I will have to look into getting a blog friendly camera. Whether that will make a difference or not remains to be seen.

Back to beer, and in no particular order I have had a trio of beers from Arbita Brewing Company, Arbita Springs LA

Arbita Amber a Munich style lager 4.5%  Arbita Restoration Pale  Ale 5.2% and Arbita Turbodog 5.6% A Dark Brown Ale. All three are very nice beers, nowhere near as hoppy as a lot of beer from America and it will come as no surprise that the Turbodog was my favourite. Maybe the bottle shop will get a few more of Arbita beers in sometime

There was a can of Mountain Goat Surefoot Stout 5% a very nice beer. It is a bit of a bugger when you can,t find any information about the beer on the brewery site so you go to so you go to a site like rate beer only to find your password has lost a leg and you can’t get in so you try a couple of other sites and eventually find it.

Anchor Brewing Company San Francisco.Porter 5,6% another nice dark beer.

Borenore Brewhouse; Abbey Belgian Ale 4.2% Blonde

DSCN8102  IMG_0885 IMG_08900170416412e75dd0777633be0c150ec21cf16514f8

IMG_0854 IMG_0856

@AnchorBrewing   @BorenoreBrew @goatbeer @TheAbitaBeer

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