We called in to this wine bar the other day as we needed a quick something to eat before going to the Glenfarclas whisky tasting. I hadn’t been to this place for a meal and I get the impression that they work pretty much with the slow food policy generally. We chose the  beef and the pork sliders to share as a maybe a quick option and though we only had a bout forty five minutes are meal came out with enough time to spare.

This is a wine bar and I didn’t have a wine so can’t comment on the selection available. As far as I can tell there where only two beers available;- the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 5.5% a reasonable example of an American style pale ale, certainly not as over hopped as a lot of beers from America, drinkable enough to have two. The other beer was a French beer, the Brasserie du Mont Blanc Biere La Verte du Mont Blanc au GENEPI DOLIN 5.9%.  A grrenish tinged beer, very sweet and highly carbonated with an almost lemonade like taste and mouthfeel.

Why only these two beers where chosen out of the hundreds available I don’t know,maybe next time I go I will ask.

I have copied the description and tasting notes from the internet:- “The Green Beer with Genepi (Biere Verte du Mont Blanc)Brewed by Mont Blanc Brewery with Dolin GenepiGenepi belongs to the absynthe family. Its other name is glaciers absynthe because it grows above 2500m on the moraine of glaciers.It fits that then added to a wheat beer brewed with the neighbouring water from a spring on the Mont Blanc (highest summit in Europe), this high altitude gives you a kind of uplifting sensation.That’s for the exotism. But the reality is that it is delicious enormously addictive and very refreshing… Tasting Notes:Apple green, herbaceous nose (mint, camphor, lemon) on the palate minty chamomile, fruity and sweet aromas reminiscent of pear.”

IMG_0872 IMG_0871


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