The other night I went to a whisky night presented by Leura  Cellars, held at the Leura School of Hotel Management and featuring ten expressions of Glenfarclas Distillery

I am not sure how best to approach this so, firstly to list the whisky’s in the order we had them

The 8 year old 40%; The12 year old 43%; The 15 year old 46%; The 105 cask 60%; The 17 year old 43% ; The 25 year Old 43%; The 30 year old 43%; The 40 year old; 46% The Family Cask 1995 SP Cask 2283 Hogshead; and The Family Cask 1989 A 14 Sherry Butt.

The last two where by far the best but also far more expensive for me even if I had been able to get one as  they are apparently in very short supply. I did like the 105 cask though I decided to buy the 17 year old

The talk was a little detailed and I get kept getting ahead of myself with the drinks, and found I had tasted some before he had finished talking about the previous on .

The event was well attended with apparently about a hundred booking in for it and the venue was fine apart from being a long way from public transport

I have tried to reproduce the tasting notes with photo’s from my phone.



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  1. Alice says:

    The tasting was a fun night and the whisky was very nice. The only thing I would add about the event is that a courtesy bus (or even charge $5 a head) would have been a good idea. The location was a long way from town on a very wet and wintery night and I think not the best responsible alcohol practice for everyone to have to drive out of there.

  2. moreray01 says:

    True, and lucky we could get taxi,s as it couldn’t have rained harder if it tried

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