I went to the  beer event put on by the Oak Barrel Bottle Shop in Sydney on Saturday. his was a beer and cider combination advertised with I think about a hundred and twenty five beers or ciders on show. I am not  cider man and as there was a big enough choice of beers I didn’t try any ciders thought I did have a couple of meads. Though quite pleasant I am not  sure if mead goes well on top of beers.

There was probably to many beers to mention individually so I will try different approach.

I got a chance to chat with people fro the BATCH; HAPPY GOBLIN; a girl from SIX STRINGS, NAPOLEONE Brewery is a new one on me, they had a Rauchbier. I learned a new term from  TWO METRE TALL, though I believe the man I was talking to was only  one metre ninety three, and I think this was probably the most surprising exhibit with their Huon Dark Apple Beers.(Acidity, word for the day) I had a couple of nice beers from HARGREAVES HILL though their beers are not on my list and I cant recall what they were. NOMAD had a Saison and a Gose; Had a beer with one half of the WILLIE THE BOATMAN crew. EXIIT Brewing had a Saison and a Smoked Stout. I also had a taste of beers from BLACK DOG, BREW CULT and DENNIS  Breweries

The aptly named WAYWARD Brewing was once again elusive as I have never been in the same place at the same time with this group

As always the Belgian and Dutch beers from the Beer Collectors stand are very hard to go past. For me the beer of the event was the SHENANIGANS Imperial Stout and their Smoked Porter was not too shabby.

I was pleased to see that there where several saisons, lambics and a gose featured and that, overall, the beers didn’t seem to be so over the top with hops, apart from KAIJU beers which it has to be said are far to aggressively hopped for my taste.

I went to the 12 to 3 session and while crowded it was not impossible to get round to all the stands, there seemed to be a few beers listed that where not available but that was balanced out by beers there that where not on the list. I would have to say that I thought this event was at least as good as the specTAPular a couple of weeks ago, and all things considered, not as expensive.

IMG_0899 IMG_0900 IMG_0901

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