TWO BLACK BEERS AT STATION BAR and a pox on double demerits

Pulled into the Station Bar, Katoomba for a couple of beers to get me home, had to stick to middies as double demerits this weekend.

The first beer was a Sheannigans BAH’SDIN Dry Irish Stout 4.4% A near black beer which pours with a nice brown head, it had no discernable aroma that I could detect at the out set, maybe because it was very cold even though I had it poured in to a room temperature glass, I found this beer not only dry but bitter and to me it came across as being a bit rough

The next beer was a Little Creatures RETURN OF THE DREAD 7.2% Foreign? Export Stout , This beer was even blacker than the first one also had a nice tight brown head. This beer had a big plummy aroma which was detectable the moment it was poured. This was a big smooth and Christmas puddingy beer which I thoroughly enjoyed and of the two was my preference. a pox on double demerits

I don’t know much about the Shenanigans brewery and I didn’t learn much  from their web site and the Bah’snid wasn’t even mention on the list of beers at least not on the one I looked at.

I don’t go in much for some of the readily available Little Creatures beers as a rule, but it has to be said that when they put out a special beer they are worth giving a go, the trouble is that where I live these beers don’t last long once they come on line and you have to be very quick sometimes if you want to try them.

DSCN8100 DSCN8101


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