TAPS 1 to 31
14. Batlow n’ Brau-Bom Pommes, Biere de Garde, 7%,,,,,,,, BATLOW AND BRAU FARMHOUSE BREWERY. QLD
                                                                                                creamy nice to drink but not a lot happening
20. Mood Indigo,Biere de Garde. 5.5%                                BIRTRA DEL BORGO Italy
                                                                                                drink a mug of this on a hot day maybe my choice
24. I Aint Afraid Of No Gose, Historical. 4%                         BOATROCKER BREWING. Vic.
                                                                                                thinking persons beer, sour sweet
28 Lord Helmet  Schwartz, Schwarzbier 6.9%                        BRIGHT BREWERY. Vic
                                                                                                 nice black beer , choice
31 Hefen And Hell. Hefeweizen. 5.5%                                    BYRON BAY BREWING. Nsw
                                                                                                not much to this inoffensive, no surprises
TAPS 32 TO 53
35. The Aging Vicars Vice, Sour Beer ( Lambic?) 7%              CROUCHER BREWING. NZ
                                                                                               sour creamy balanced complex beer best saison so fa
45. Noisy Minor Opium, Belgian strong Dark Ale, 9%            FORTITUDE BREWING QLD
                                                                                                  tooth paste minty biscuit
46. Afrogto, Russian Imperial Stout, 8.5%                              FUNK ESTATE. NZ
                                                                                                   very nice, like a dessert all in the name. choice
49.Four Saisons – Marilyn, Saison 8.5%                                  GOLDEN EAGLE BREWERY NZ
                                                                                                    odd that I have no notes for this as it is a saison
53. Red Rye Hand, Amber Ale 5.2%                                         HAWTHORN BREWING. VIC
                                                                                                  this is a beer , easy to see settling down in a pub with this one best
                                                                                                  session beer of the show both our choice
64: Bebe Rouge, fruit Beer. 4.5%                                             LA SIRENE BREWING VIC
                                                                                                     fruity quite nice
80; Nightcap, Russian Imperial Stout, 11%                              MOUNTAIN GOAT BREWERY , VIC
                                                                                                    heavy. big
32; Death Dancer, IPA, 6.7%                                                    CHEEKY MONKEY, WA
                                                                                                  smoother black beer not so sour
59; Cumulonimbus, Weizen/Weissbier, 5.6%                         INVERCARGILL BREWERY. NZ
                                                                                                   sour wheat
55; Velvet, Sour Beer,9.8%                                                      HOMESTEAD BREWERY. WA.
                                                                                                black sour salt
41; Ragna (ROK) Double IPA. 9.5%                                       EKIM BREWERY. NSW
                                                                                                 no notes
47; Bossa Nova Baby, Speciality IPA, 7.2%                          GARAGE PROJECT. NZ
This brings me to the end of my SpecTapular event for this year, I was pleased to see that there appeared to be a few more Saisons and Lambic style beer this year, and I either just missed them or there was not as many extreme hopped beers, there where also a couple of nice brown and black beers on the list.
From this event we went to the Lord Raglan for a bit of dinner and a couple of beers to finish off the day, as you do.
The Lord Raglan was very busy when we got there, full of people who had left the first session or where waiting for the second session of GABS.
The crowd thinned after a while and we where able to get a feed at the bar and a chance to have a chat with Phil,
I hope that was his name but my note taking wasn’t standing up to the late hour
The beers we had where:-
 Feral Brewing: i wit; Witbeir
Nomad;  Jet Lag; American IPA
Rocks Brewing; Conviction E.S.B.
Akasha Brewing; Hopsmith  IPA
Rocks Brewing  Bad Beans Brown; American  Stout
IMG_0835 IMG_0837 IMG_0838 IMG_0840
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