GABS 2015
The first beer we had while we worked out how to start was a Parrot Dog Bitter Bitch which was very nice not a bad session beer
Then we started at the nearest collections of taps in paddle quantities of five tasters to a paddle which where:
TAPS 61 – 80
66. Stab In The Dark, Robust Porter 10% …          LITTLE BREWING COMPANY, NSW ,,,,Black ,coffee  best of this group
69. Full Boar Bacon Breakfast,Rauchbier,10%,,,, MACARTHUR GRANGE BREWING, NSW,, smoky bbq , not a big nose ,, tiny glass
71. Pucker Up ,Baltic Porter, 9%,, ,,,,                      MIKES ORGANIC BREWERY,NZ sour, salty  lambic
78. Mornington 2 Dogs, Rauchbier, 5%,,,              MORNINGTON PENINSULA BREWERY, VIC,,,  smoky a bit spicy a little creamy mouthfeel
79. Smokey Chilli IPA,7%,,,                                   MORRISON BREWERY,,,TAS , spicy , a bit rough
TAPS 81-100
85 The Jester And The Minstrel, IPA, 6%,,            NAPOLEAN BREWERY, VIC ,,,,,,,,very light not much taste watery
88 Polyphemus,ESB,5.3%,,,,,,                                   ODYSSEY TAVERN AND BREWERY, VIC ….fruity mild easy to drink nice not challenging
89 Bourbon Old Fashion Cocktail Beer,9%,,,,,,,,  PANHEAD BRERWING,,,,,,sweet treacly medicine nice aroma tannin  maybe leathery
97 Quiet Deeds Smoked Hefeweizen, 5.2% ,,,,,,,,RED ISLAND BREWING, VIC,,,,thin not bad not a lot going on
100, Shearers Joy ,Historical, 5%,,,,                     ROBE TOWN BREWERY, NSW,,, very nice Easy to drink slight spice noticeable ginger,, I could have another glass
TAPS 101-120
104,Wolfgang Chang,Dunkels Weissbier, 5.6%      SOURTHERN BAY BREWING, VIC ,,,,, very Chinese spices can’t taste anything else in it bready
109.Big Time Rush,Blonde/Golden Ale, 4.4%          TOWNSHEND BREWERY, NZ,,,,,,, easy to drink pleasant not challenging not a thinking beer
113.One Night In a Black Tent, Wood Aged 8.5%  VAN DIEMAN BREWING,TAS,,,,intense complex, a bit thin tannin mouthfeel lwhisky peatyness
116.Rubens Roast,IPA.6.5%                                    WILLIE THE BOATMAN, NSW,,,,Definitely tastes like coffee nice session easy to drink
118. Midnight In The Carpark,  Of Good And Evil  Specialty Beer.6.5%     YOUNG HENRYSBREWING   sour cherries without doubt , hoppy  medicine some fishy taste
TAPS 1-20
1 HazElla ,Brown ale.7%                                        2 BROTHERS BREWING. VIC,,,  big nutty taste straight away
2 Wabbit Saison. Saison 6%                                  2 HEARTS BREWING QLD,,,,,, very mild saison
3 Snickers, Brown Ale,6%                                       4 PINES BREWING NSW,,,,milk chocolate  and coconut not my style
10.Mad Mad Madras, Specialty Beers 6.9%         AUSTRALIAN BREWERY NSW ,,,, does have curry notes though this is a mild curry still a bit rough , sweet
12.Sour Puss, Specialty IPA,7%                             BAIRD BREWING. JAPAN lemon curd smell , a bit sweet to start perfume tastes.
Next stage tomorrow
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