CALFORNIA LAGER 4.9% This is a very nice beer with an almost creamy mouth feel not excessively hopped  or bitter though does leave a lager after taste which is not as extreme as is found in most lagers. Its pale honey coloured and while it did pour with a head there wasn’t a lot of it.

ANCHOR STEAM BEER  4.9%  Is  dark copper or honey coloured beer with about the same amount of head as the lager. I thought it had a touch of grapefruit on the back palette, It isn’t hopped to the point of being unbalanced, is almost a “chewy” beer with some malt or/and caramel characteristics .

Both beers are sessionable enough to make drinking a couple morworth the effort and which might have helped with my being able to review them better.

I dont suppose  I have had the biggest exposure to American beers though have to say that a lot of the beers from there that I have tried have been far more aggressively hopped than I like which make me think that compared to beer from other countries they are unbalanced and often leave me with an unpleasant long lasting metallic taste. So I consider that the beers I have had from Anchor are among the best American beers available. Unfortunately the Liberty, which may the best of Anchor beers available in this country was not on the shelves but I have a couple of the porters to try another evening.

While it listed all their beers and did have a history of the brewery I didn’t find Anchors site all that helpful when trying to gat meaningful tasting notes.

IMG_0799 IMG_0804

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