The whisky featured was from the Starward Distillery and the Bruichladdich Distillery

The first two expressions, which seems to be the word to use when discussing the varieties of whisky highlighted at the event, where from the Starward Distillery which is located in Melbourne. The first expression was

Starward Apera Cask, it seems as though it is not allowed in Australia to use the word sherry in the description so Apera which means sherry is used in its place. As this was the first one, I had to wait to compare with the rest but as a one off; As I am not a regular whiskey drinker my comments may be a bit naive but this had a nice aroma and a sharp bite. As with all of them I felt they improved as they glass warmed up in your hand and after a while, to my nose the Apera began to develop a definite vanilla smell, I could pick out some fruits but nowhere near the amount the presenter said he could pick out,

The next expression was

Starward Wine Cask Edition 1. To me this was a bit rougher than the first and didn’t develop the same amount of aroma and I preferred the first though most of the others seemed go the opposite way

The next four expressions came from Bruichladdich collection and I got lost with the history and all the facts about this place and I would likely get it all wrong if I tried to write it down here. However these next four where all defined as peat whiskys and the peat notes came through to a greater or lesser degree in all of them,.

The first two expressions  where;

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley and the Port Charlotte Islay Barley

The peat could be discernable in both of these, both had the bite or sting on the tongue I would expect with whisky and while the bite was bigger with the second I thought the first may have had a bit more of a peaty smell, which may have been because  I was influenced by the order in which I had them. The final two expressions where’;

Octomore 6.1 and the Octomore 6.3

Going by price these two whiskeys where by far the best of the six and they probably were, I didn’t think the peat aroma was as noticeable but I did think that they where a smoother  tasting drink, maybe that is mouthfeel, I think to describe them is to say  that both had nice aromas and  that they where much more complex and therefore harder for me to describe. I did think the 6.3 had a hint of the winter cow shed about it and that isn’t meant to be a bad thing earthy, musty, straw  and hay ,warm and a touch of ammonia.

The Octomore 6.3 is supposed to rare and very difficult to acquire so I formed  a syndicate with my daughter and bought my son who styles himself as  connoisseur, one for his birthday. I doubt I will get a taste of it unless I am very lucky. Both  these where high ABV’s at 58% and 64% respectively and the peats where also vey high at 169 and 260 parts per mi. which apparently is way up there on the scale. I also bought the first of the six, the Apera Cask mainly for the great vanilla aroma which stayed with glass almost the whole session.

Any sense of objectivity I had may have become diminished by the end of the event and I certainly can’t claim to be particularly knowledgeable on the subject of whisky but I thoroughly enjoyed the session and was able to have a bit of a chat with Gee the presenter and Leura Cellars does a could job with putting these do’s on.

IMG_0297 IMG_0300 IMG_0301

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