We started  to stroll in a Crows Nesterly direction and pulled up at the:-
I thought that this seemed like quite a nice pub, though, being a mid Thursday afternoon it was very empty
and the kitchen was closed but I should think it would be a reasonable place for a pub meal.
It  looked a well kept pub with s nice looking beer garden/courtyard
At this pub we had a White Rabbit Pale Ale 4.9% which is not a high on my list of choices
and a Leffe Blonde 6.6% , This came in a proprietary glass which held 330 cl. I went with this non-middy sized glass
because it is a nice beer and I don’t recall that there was much else to choose from
We then called in to the Crows Nest JUNCTION HOTEL
Not a particularly welcoming sort of place at the time we got there as it was totally empty and
half of the pub had been draped off. I suppose they where setting up for a show but it had the affect of making the place look like it was
undergoing major renovations
There didn’t seem to be much in the way of a graft beer selection so we had an Endeavour Growers Pale Ale an Australian Pale Ale 4.5%
and a Cricketers Arms “Keepers Lager” which had a slight aroma at the outset and was somewhat sweet/floral, not much by way of hoppy bitterness
A sessionable beer.
Because we where a little ahead of schedule and because it was close and because it was open we next went to the STONED CROW
a bar that was not on our original list of places.
This turned out to be a good decision because it is a nice little place, They had a pretty good blackboard  beer list of bottled beers.
Because they didn’t do middies we had a Cascade 2015 First Harvest 14th Annual Release Pale Lager for which I never took any notes
And An Anchor Steam Ale 4.9% (USA) A beer with quite big malty  aroma.
I think this is a well crafted beer with good malt flavour and quite complex compared to some of todays other beers
We had quite a good talk with a pretty lady in a pretty dress who I think said was the bar manager or at least on the management team ,
I don’t recall if she told me her name though I don’t think so.
We moved on because we still had a couple of places to visit and the beer consumption was getting a bit high.
So we walked to Cammeray and went to the PUBLIC BARthis bar has only been open for a few weeks and is on the site of the old Belgian Beer Cafe
If truth be told I would have rather stayed at the Stoned Crow, maybe it is early days and it needs time to develop a recognisable character or style  
Again didn’t do middies and i didn’t think it had the most inspiring tap beer choices and the bottled beer list seemed a bit limited.
The Public could have a very good wine list but I didn’t check it out and while I didn’t check out the menu either  people seemed satisfied
It is certainly has clean look with lots of pale timber around
 We had a ROCKS ISA India Session Ale 4.7%Not a big nose and was a bit on the hoppy side for me
And A Endeavour Vintage
We then crossed the road to the CAMMERAY CRAFT BAR which was where we planned to finish the night with a meal and a final couple of beers
This quite a nice bar, it might have been a bit on the quite side when we where there.
We started off with a Riverside 44 American Pale Ale at 6.5%  Had this one before and it should be mentioned elsewhere in this blog
Black Dog Howling Pale Ale 5%  COMMERCIAL DESCRIPTION: A new world pale ale inspired by the American Pacific North-West styles, this beer is made with premium malts and a selection of hops from three continents.
With a generous malty profile, lots of aromatic hop characters and a good lick of hop bitterness,
Nomad/Stone air/evil Rye IPA 5.2% American Pale Ale
Akasha Chopsmith 7.2% IPA Not as hoppy and more sessionable than other IPA’s
 Mad River Steel head Extra Stout 6.5% Blue Lake California.
“COMMERCIAL DESCRIPTION : A black opaque ale with rich creamy roasted malt character and a very mild hop complement.  .
A unique flavour profile that starts with a slight coffee flavour and finishes with a hint of roasty chocolate. …  or as a hearty breakfast drink.”
Wicked Elf American Pale Ale 5.4% A Not overly hoppy and probably be considered a sessionable beer
Brew Dog Santa Paws Christmas Scotch Ale Wee Heavy 4.5%
 “COMMERCIAL DESCRIPTION A scotch ale brewed with Scottish Heather Honey. A robust malty beer packed with flavour and at a strength you can drink…”
We had an enjoyable visit to the Cammeray Craft Bar and had a chance to discuss beers with the owner and staff, and also a good meal.
The best three of the places we visited where in Cammeray Craft Bar; The Stoned Crow Bar and
the Rag and Famish pub.
Lumix+GX7+-+P1000624STONED CROW
(Images taken from the internet)
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