Going for a stroll around North Sydney Crows Nest and Cammeray, We first went to the Rag And Famish Pub in Miller Street, and as it was Thursday lunch time it was quite busy, we sat out  the back in what  I suppose is a beer garden/courtyard either way it is a pleasant spot.

The first round of beers where middies of :- Stormtrooper Star Wars Imperial Pilsner 8.1% , maybe a bit solid for a first and lunch time beers. I think this is an Australian Brewing/Feral Beer collaboration.

And a:- Coopers Vintage 7.5%, A dark honey coloured beer  Some toasty Malt notes, just a little bitter.

Next round were:- Rocks Brewing Wet Hop Rye Amber Ale and American/Red Ale 5.5%. A nice aroma is noticeable at the start,

A dark coloured easy to drink beer and probably be considered a sessions beer, a biggish taste at first but I did think it got a bit thin towards the end. My notes say a typical Rocks Brewing Beer by which I probably meant no surprises. We had another Vintage Coopers in this round.

We also had a lunch time pizza and it looks as though the Rag and Famish has a good menu, if you are not on a diet

It is a nice pub which had a bout six craft beers, maybe a little mainstream when we where there but at least they have some

A quick observation about this pub is that even though it was a busy lunchtime the toilets where very clean always worth a mention because it is so often not the case

Paddy the bar manager ( if that was his rank) took time out of his  busy day to talk to us and discuss the beers and the pub.

After the Rag and Famish it was all down hill in more ways than one

The next pub was the Albert which didn’t have any local craft beers but did have a couple of German beers on tap. I went for a middy of Franhenhammer Weisbier but was told that it was only available in half litre glasses, though I was told that I could have any other beer in middies

We left the place without having anything.

We where on a pub walk, where pacing ourselves to last the expedition and so restricting ourselves to middies and as I note in my notebook every beer we have and also use the “untappd” site we can keep track of what we drink.

I have no intention of letting some wanky bar dictate to me what quantity of beers I must drink. Apart from which I doubt it is responsible service of alcohol and may not be legal



We then called in to the Mt Street Terrace Hotel more a bar than a pub and maybe a bit more trendy than the R and F, Here we could get middies and so we had a Great Northern Brewing Lager 4.2% which was described as an American Adjunct Lager, maybe you know what that is. As far as I could see this one was just a Lager

This is what BeerAdvocate says about it; Light bodied, pale, fizzy lagers made popular by the large macro-breweries (large breweries) of America after prohibition. Low bitterness, thin malts, and moderate alcohol. Focus is less on flavour and more on mass-production and consumption, cutting flavour and sometimes costs with adjunct cereal grains, like rice and corn.

And the other beer was a 4 Pines Kolsch 4.6% which I have posted about before.  I noted that there was also a Murrays Angry Man on tap


From here we back tracked back to the Firehouse Hotel, When asking for middies of beer we where told that they only served schooners and pints so we just walked away making no attempt to to not what beers they had.


I think that is all the pubs in North Sydney at least it is all I know of so at least the town can boast of one decent pub.

So we started to wander off in the direction of Crows Nest.


I will cover the rest of the walk in my next post.


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