CAVALIER BELGIAN IPA 6% LIMITED RELEASE; A nice clear darkly golden beer, initially a big nose on opening the bottle with  a small head that didn’t last long, slightly bitter. Malty and not overly hoppy which does leave a lingering sensation on the tongue. A very nice drink. Its Belgianness comes through

BRIDGE ROADS CHEVALIER SAISON 6%. I think this is a really very good beer, I am a big fan of saison beers and think that this is one of the better Australian versions. I don’t know that I would go so far as to say unique which is how the brewery beer notes describe it. I agree whit them that it makes a good beer to have with food  The rest of the beer notes state;

The Saison is a classic Belgian style, not often seen outside of its homeland. It was traditionally brewed by farmers and their workers as a beverage to consume during the summer months. Bridge Road Brewers have crafted their own Saison to add to their Chevalier range. A light straw in colour, with a tight bright white head. Aromas are dominated by esters and phenolic characters, owing to the Saison yeast strain, which also gives the beer its characteristic tart, dry and acidic profile. With a citrus character combined with grassy hop flavours . Definitely one to repeat.

FERAL SMOKED PORTER 4.7%  This Smoked porter  is a very nice easy drinking beer with all the tastes and aroma of a porter you might expect, though I did think it was a bit thin . It is a very good beer and I felt that more than a couple  wouldn’t hurt  

Ferals beer description; “Don’t let the name scare you off. Our Smoked Porter has a very gentle bitterness and combines the classic chocolate malt and coffee characteristics true to the Porter style. A subtle smoked hickory flavor comes from the use of German malts smoked over Birchwood chips.”




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