TEMPLE BREWING “YIPPEE RYE AY” RYE HARD I.P.A  6.3%; A darkish beer with a red tinge , not a particularly big aroma, a little bitter. I thought that this was quite a big beer and not exactly a session beer but maybe pretty close and certainly drinkable.

BLACK MARKET SHAKEDOWN BROWN ALE 5.5%. From the  U.S.A. A really nice brown ale, it is a dark brown ale which in my case poured with a very big head that had to be allowed to settle a couple of times before getting the glass filled.  I thought it had quite a lot going on , smooth, and I could pick up the coffee  and caramel and I don’t doubt the chocolate but I wasn’t able to separate this from the other tastes.  The beer had a nice deep malty aro.

I lifted the following  notesfrom the Black Market website :- “West Coast Style Brown. A brown beer that balances the influences of English malt and yeast and American hops. Notes of chocolate, coffee, toffee and caramel play nicely with a healthy dose of citrusy hops, making for a noteworthy twist on the traditional concept of a Brown Ale”.


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