Stopped of at the Blaxland Tavern on the way home, I don’t recall ever being in this pub before. It is just a square box of a place, good for the locals, that had only the usual popular beers. I asked for a Tooheys Old but for it was not available due to delivery truck error who apparently delivered the wrong beer. I don’t know how that happens but it didn’t seem to concern the staff so I don’t suppose the carter cared either. In the ‘olds place I had a James Squire One Fifty Lashes.


We then moved on to the Grand View, I had been looking at the Borenore Brewhouse site which said that the grand was one pub which had tap Borenore Australian Pale Ale 5.2% on tap at $6.20 a middy. The most expensive beer on tap but then it was the only local craft beer on tap. At first I thought it had  a slightly sour taste, somewhat bitter but without the overwhelming coppery taste I associated with pales. After a while though I began to see the sour as more citrus cum grapefruit influenced taste, more of the sharp twangy taste that goes with that fruit. Untapp’d calls this an Australian Pale but my notes call it an English Pale, a name I must have picked up from the pub, either way it is not a bad beer.I am trying to get out to visit the brewhouse, visits apparently are by appointment so I will have to find the right time to go, but if I gong to ride out on my motor bike I will want better weather than the last few days.



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