“CHEEKY MONKEY TRAVELLING MONK. Mid strength red ale 3.5%

Quite a big hoppy aroma on opening the bottle, slightly copper coin taste, not a bad beer but I was looking for something else after the first one.

TO OL BY  MEANS, 7% milk sweet stout. Dark with a big brown foamy head,

I thought it started off a bit raw but it smoothed out after awhile. Not the biggest aroma but it did have the chocolaty taste.

C OMMERCIAL DESCRIPTION  by TO  OL “We bring to you an black thick milk stout called By Udder Means. We wanted to do a stout, that had a thick mouth feel and still a low alcohol percentage. We obtained this by adding a solid amount of lactose in the beer. The yeast strain we used is not capable of fermenting lactose, so when the beer stops fermenting all lactose still remains in the beer. At the same time lactose doesn’t leave this sweet touch to the beer, so you can obtain a thick mouth feel without having an overly sweet or overly strong stout. We hope you enjoy.” 

Cheeky Monkey calls their beer at 3.5% a mid strength beer ; TO OL call their 7.0% beer a low alcohol beer. What does that make all the 4 to 6 % beers,  is that like having a dark pale ale?

IMG_0684 IMG_0688

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