I called in to the Station Bar the other day for a beer, I only had a short time so I could only fit in a couple of middies.

I started with a middy of “Two Birds Rice Rice Baby” 4%, a new beer for me,  according to untapped it states its style as “other” which is a big help. I found it a light and tangy beer with quite a floral taste, it didn’t seem to have much of an aroma going for it at least until it warmed up a bit, more on this in a minute.

The next beer I had was a Kooinda Black I.P.A, 7%, far too cold and I thought at the outset is was rough andcourse with none of the malt flavours I might expect with this style of beer. It poured with a big frothy head which held up above the rim of the glass and lasted the whole beer, at the end the was a almost as much left in the bottom of the glass, if had been a coffee I would have bailed it out with a spoon. I also believe the temperature of the beer supressed any aroma at the outset. The beer did smooth out a bit towards the end after I warmed it up a bit

I always ask for a room temperature glass in the Station Bar to point now when the get me one straight away. But still the beer is far to cold to my way of thinking, especially now that we are starting to move towards winter, even so I often find myself sitting there with my hands cupped around the glass trying to bring the temperature up. I suppose this is the best I can hope for as most drinkers seem to like beer served at Antarctic temperatures. Had I had more time I would have gone back to the Rice, Rice Baby.

IMG_2581 IMG_2582


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