I visited a couple of pubs in the Eastern Suburbs the other day with a travelling partner and we started of at the Old Fitzroy Hotel as it is just around the corner from the Kings Cross railway station, not the first pub really but to my mind the best to start with. This is an old style pub which hosts a small theatre group. There are two bars with twenty two  taps mostly given over to local craft beer six of which are in the upstairs bar   The first two beers where from the Nomad a Northern Beaches brewery, the Nomad Jet Lag IPA (special) 6% and the Nomad Cruising Ale, the Jet Lag has a bigger aroma but a galvanised nail bitterness/dryness. The Cruising Ale has a slightly lemony aroma with a slight dry finish. I preferred the Cruising Ale to the Jetlag. Next round stuck to the Cruising ale but changed the other beer for a Lord nelson Quayle Ale. While it was closed when we where there we where taken up to the upstairs bar which had six Young Henry’s on tap and we tried the two we had not had before ; Natty’s Alter Ego a sessional Alt beer 3.9%and How Now Brown Cow, an American Amber at 3.7% , I like Alt beers but I preferred the Brown Cow out of these two.  Two of the taps in the downstairs taps are unmarked and are used for Carlton and V.B; and I think one tap downstairs and one upstairs had a cider on.

All in all I would have to say that the Old Fitzroy is one of my favourite pubs


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