I wonder how the Beer and Brewer magazine worked out its top bottleshop’s list (see page 38 of the latest edition)
Looking at the NSW list how is that Dan Murphy’s (all 175 outlets in the state ) get a mention but a bottleshop like The Leura Cellars don’t.
While D.M.’s may a good place for a quick dive in to pick up a cheap beer for a lawn mowing afternoon or a veranda chill out or a sausage sizzle in the back yard it is hardly the place to go for a large selection of craft beers, local or imported. A lot of the beers seem to have no real provenance and require serious research if you want to learn about them. It is not my experience that most of the staff have any particular knowledge of their stock. On the other hand Leura Cellars and maybe others also not on the list have a much larger selection of local and imported craft beers and can speak with some authority on most if not all of their stock. It may be that some of Dan Murphy’s are better stocked than others, but if this is the case I would have thought that the really good ones would have been identified .
Maybe next year Aldi will get a mention.
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