BOGEDAL 233 7.4 abv DARK ALE/SPICED BEER/HERBED BEER or all of the above.

I think this is a truly great beer. It is supposed to pour with a small head but mine didn’t do to badly, it is a dark full flavoured beer with some aroma which I don’t think I can describe properly. I thought this beer had a bit of the warming sensation of alcohol. I have copied some beer notes which state “dark beer with caramel and muscovado and Cascade and Perle hops. Tastes of delightful sweetness full of dark chocolate and dark roasted coffee, licorice and an aftertaste of caramel, dark chocolate and coffee.” and that seems to say it pretty much all.

Sad to say that is the only bottle I had of the ‘233 and leaves me with just one other bottle of Bogedal Beer and I doubt if I will be able to buy more any time soon as I have never seen it on shelves here. I bought most of my supply online apart from just two bottles I bought from the Bogedal brewery when I visited as two  was all I could travel with.


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