A friend an I had lunch at a place called Ellie-Cats Café, Chifley Road, Bell. I don’t know where the cats fit in but there is a bloody great cut out of a lizard on the roof. The business card says burgers and beer, and they do do burgers, probably a better than average burger and not too expensive, while I didn’t look all that hard they also do breakfasts though I don’t know if available all day, there are very good views on a clear day and plenty of weather views on a not so clear day and this is the upper mountains after all. On good days there is sitting outside places but not applicable today,. We got there pretty early and it was quite but it filled up about one o’clock, take away coffees seemed to be on the go a lot as well.

But this is a beer blog and a blog about places that either sell or make beer or do both. So; As far as I could tell two beers where available, the ubiquitous Corona and a beer I knew nothing about, Storm Premium Lager, this is where reading labels comes in. This is a light beer 2.7% abv and comes from New Zealand. I looked it up and apparently is available from Aldi at around 96 cents a bottle. When deciding what I was going to have I was told the cider both alcoholic and non-alcoholic was available and was local product  as if this was a good thing and I agree that it is. I also heard that Fish River Valley Coffee was available as beans or ground and I suppose it was coffee of choice for coffee made on site

All this makes me wonder why this place does not support local breweries, and they have at least four to choose from. Firstly and which I would have thought, closest to their hearts is Fish River Valley Brewing , then there is Mudgee Brewing Company; Badlands Brewery in Orange and Borenore Brewery just outside Orange

IMG_2551 IMG_2553 IMG_2554

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